A Tale of 2 WAHMs

Ramblings of 2 WAHMs - Anita DeFrank and Kara Kelso. Partners in business discuss how we manage successful websites and young children at home.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Well, Kara pretty much summed it up. So, welcome to our blog! And you all thought I rambled before. Ha, this is a whole new ball game and I'm allowed too! I invite you all to watch as we together expand Mommy's Helper, Mom's Market, and Wahm State Directory to the fullest of their potential! Also, as a special treat you'll be able to watch first hand as we develop and build our newest project. But, you'll only get to find out the real scoop when we officialy launch ;) Feel free to share your comments with us. We'd love the feedback!

Like Kara said, this is going to be one fun learning experience!

Anita DeFrank


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