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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bad Day Or Good Day???

First of all I'll start this post off with a promise NOT to turn this into my own personal venting board!

Today started off a real doosey! Mommy's Helper's message boards were down, I couldn't add any more tracking codes to my web pages, my priviledges at Ryze had been taken away because they Ryze administrator's accused me of spam at the end of May (when actually all I was doing was replying via private messenger to say thanks to all the birthday wishes I had receieved!), my 3 year old (his name is Cole, I'm sure he'll be mentioned alot in any of my venting posts, LOL!) was getting into everything and anything that he wasn't allowed to AND to top it all off I had to call my 7 year old's (her name is Melanie) school to request that she be held back in the 2nd grade for when school started again this fall!

Needless to say, I'd rather crawled right back into bed. Nah, not start the day over...just sleep right through it.

So, in efforts to try to turn this into a better day I kept working. I did alittle surfing of things that I always meant to take a look at but, just didn't take the time. Good news! In my surfing I managed to find a very resourceful site for me to keep an eye on to help me with my new adverture into affiliate marketing.

A little later Kara comes online and is ready to work. Great! So, we work on our new project for most of the day. And let me say...we kicked some major butt and got A LOT accomplished. Kara worked on scripts and links of the sites and I busily worked on getting the articles ready to be put online. Together we worked on more of the content and managed to get quite a few pages ready to go :) Started this blog and set up a new chat room for tommorrow's first chat on Affiliate Marketing. Wow! I really felt as though we had gotten so much accomplished! That made me feel so much better. Heck, I even forgot my message boards were still down.

As we plugged away I received a phone call from my daughter's school. I went over with her about how I'm so torn between holding Melanie back or not. She reassured me by the end of summer between the 3 of us we'd find the best solution for her. I'm still not sure where I stand because she'll be doing some testing on her to find out whether or not she has a learning disability. She's so very slow at reading and it's holding her back in all her other subjects. So, if the answer is not to hold her back, that means she does have a learning disability and if the answer is to hold her back...well, think about it. How would you feel if you were 7 years old again and needed to repeat the grade over again? Poor thing! I just feel so horrible for her! But, I do feel so much better that I'll have some real reasoning behind the decision in the long run. Then I won't feel quite so badly about the ultimate answer.

As I was working on getting the articles ready for tommorrow's ezine, I happened to mention to Kara the problems I was having with the stats codes. She graciously taught me a little trick thats actually going to save me a lot more time each week and be able to add additional codes!

So...I guess my little lesson behind all my ramblings would be that no matter how bad things look. Keep pluggin! Keep working. You'd be surprised what actually might come out of it! I know I was :) (Even though my message boards are still down!!)

Anita :)


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