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Monday, July 03, 2006

Organization - I've Finally Got It!

Anita's on vacation, and I really should be but I'm not. Tomorrow I won't be around much of course, but today I'm working as much as possible. Unfortunately, some of the things I'm working on require others and there aren't many around. :(

It's alright though, because I do have other things on my list of to-do. I actually organized my to-do list last week, and came up with a system that I believe will work the best for me. I'm good at making outlines for projects and certain things that need to be done. Unfortunately I tend to tuck those lists away in places I don't see on a regular basis. My dry erase boards are just too small for all that I outline, so most of the time that won't work either. What I came up with was a folder system.

I decided my focus has to be on two main sites - Idea Queen and Prairie Soy Candles. So now I have two main folders for the projects of each of those sites.

For Idea Queen, I've got lots of pages that need to be optimized better for the search engines. I made a list of all those pages and what needs to be done for each. I also printed out a master list of the navigation so I can check off sections as I go.

For Prairie Soy Candles, my focus is on wholesale and dropshipping. One of the ways I plan to promote our programs is with a free ebook. There are other things that need to be done as well, but they are all outlined in the folder.

I've found this to be effective already, since on a day when I only have about 3 hours of computer time I was able to check off an item from each folder. No longer am I wasting time "setting up" or figuring out where I left off on a certain project. I can just check my list and jump right in. EASY!

The other great part about this is as ideas come, I can print it off and stuff it in the folder. Should I decide to set up an "other" folder, I can do that too. This really is working out perfectly for me, and I'm much more productive because of it!


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