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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PayPerPost.com - My Take

An interesting new site that connects advertisers to bloggers. I've heard talk about it, so I decided to check it out.

The concept is pretty simple.

As a blogger, you make money by posting topics of the advertisers choice and use your links. This would work similar to any other type of advertising you would sell on your site, except there's one major benefit to the advertiser - it's REAL content that's being posted around their link. The payment for the blogger might not be as much as say, an affiliate link or sold advertising space, but for the one post it's not bad.

As an advertiser, I can see this being a huge benefit. I've been really thinking about checking out the advertiser side to see what the minimums are, since I would absolutely love to have strong backward links on various blogs. Heck, even on occation when I can use a link in a comment it's makes a huge difference. To pay someone to post about my site or product in the main post of the blog - wow. Plus we are talking about REAL PEOPLE with their real opionions.

The number of offers to accept are few right now, but I do believe it's growing on a daily basis. Even right now with just a few advertisers with offers, there's still sevral different types of products and services to choose from. I'm sure someone will find at least SOMETHING to blog about based on the topics provided.

I'm giving it a shot, so we'll see how it goes. :) Wish me luck!

For details on PayPerPost, visit:


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