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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A good day most deffinately.......ok well mostly

As Anita mentioned, we did indeed get quite a bit done today. I felt good about getting the content on a page done, and many of the images for half of a new site. Not to mention working together with Anita to get a set up for articles working the way we wanted to, so that she could work on getting article pages done.

As always it was a challenge with the kids, as they were either getting in trouble or asking me for something the entire day. Normal, but stressful none the less. I've been strongly concidering taking them to a sitter once a week, just so I get a little peace and quiet. Only problem is it would require me to drive 10 minutes to the next town, 10 minutes getting them in and settled down (plus idle chit chat with my aunt), and another 10 minutes home. That's a half hour gone already, then another half hour going back over to get them. 1 hour total. Well, not really worth it I don't think, unless I can talk my mom into at least taking them over there when she's done at the store. THAT might be worth it, but still something I need to think about (and talk my mom into).

Aside from the stress of the children, I've felt I've had a really great day. I've struggled with motivation issues for nearly 2 months now, and today was the first day I really felt I've gotten over that. Well, proof positive - it's now 8pm and I'm STILL HERE at the computer brainstorming and doing things I know need to get done instead of saying "eh, tomorrow....". I can barely keep all the ideas in my head I'm so excited. Although my online game is calling me, and I feel the need to relax a little bit after this busy day. I think I've deserved it :)



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