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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Direct Sales Reps CAN Write Articles - Here's How!

This is a completely new idea that we haven't seen being done anywhere, and actually came from an article Kara wrote.

We all know that article writing is a great way to promote our businesses AND helps establish us as an expert in our fields. But, just because we know how important it is to our business doesn’t necessarily make us able to do it. It’s often said, “I’m not a writer, I can’t write
articles.” Or “I can’t write an article about my own products without it sounding like an ad.” Do either of these sound familiar?

Here’s a twist on article writing that can both help and provide a little extra fun. Find another consultant from another non-competing direct sales company. Exchange products with each other and both of you try them each out. Once you have tried the product yourself, write an article about it. In return the other consultant does the same thing. It’s much more natural for us to be able to write about and recommend someone else’s products. It’s a win-win situation!

The following is perfect example of an article that Kara had written when she received a gift from Independent Distributor for The Greeting Cake Company, Kerri Knack:

Rainy Day Cakes

As we enter the beginning of spring, I'm reminded of the saying "April showers bring May Flowers". What that old saying doesn't mention is how easy children can get bored while watching the rain, just wishing they could go outside.

A gift from a friend turned out to be a great way to keep the kids busy even if just for an hour or so. Just a few days ago I received a cake from Greeting Cake Company ( http://www.gottaknack4cakes.com ), and I was surprised at how fun these were!

The kit included ingredients (all we did was add water), the mixing bowl, measuring tools, sprinkles, and even a candle so we could have a "pretend" party. My children, ages 2 and 4, were able to do just about everything on their own - including baking the cake! There was no "waiting
for the cake to bake", because all we had to do was put it in the microwave for under 2 minutes. While it was hot and took a minute to cool, we were able to put the frosting and sprinkles on almost right away, so no one got bored waiting for it to cook and cool.

Of course the cake was completely gone within a few minutes of it being finished, but I was so impressed with how easy this was for the kids to do nearly on their own!

The best part of this unique product is the cakes themselves are all around $5-$6. It was a terrific project for the two little ones, plus they got dessert too!

Of course you would ad your signature line, as they would as well. So really you are getting twice the advertising as you would just writing your own article! Not to mention you have a "testimony" that's not an ad and being used as content on other sites.

Pull up your address book and start figuring who you can exchange products with. Try to find others that have similar but not competitive products. Such as if you sell home decor with no candles, find someone that has candles.

(See DirectSalesHelpers.com for more Direct Sales Tips!)


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