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Friday, April 08, 2005

Ignoring the Little Things....


Looks like our blog was in serious need of an update. While looking for a very old post, I realized how much we use to just ramble here. Lately about all we've had time for is quickly posting the week's ezine issues. Not good .....well depending on how you look at it. My mind has been so focused on the Direct Sales project, almost everything else has been pushed aside. I suppose that's good, because it means I'm dedicated to it 100%. It's not just "something I'm trying out". It's my focus. I want this to do well, and I want to make an impact on the wahm world - a positive one at that. Of course I want to be a success, but more importantly I want to see other become a success because of us.

The downside of being busy and highly motivated though, is I start getting more ideas and am motivated to do more. I'm already busy and motivated, I don't need anything extra! When I get on trips like this, I tend to burn out fast. So I think the biggest challenge for me right now is just writing ideas down and making sure I don't "over do it" so to speak. That way I won't burn out and loose my motivation again. That's never fun :(

Enough rambling and working, I think I'll go outside for a walk now. ;)


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