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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Things they forget to mention in baby books

Most days I get so caught up in business stuff I don't bother posting about the normal "stuff" that goes on outside the internet. Today I figured I would.

Whoever said "Kids don't come with handbooks" sure wasn't kidding. The things they forget to mention in baby books include those things like "where the heck did that bruse come from?". Honestly, I had no idea kids could find so many ways at a young age to injure themselves. Of course we all baby proof the house and lock them out of the majorly dangerous areas like the kitchen and bathroom, but none the less they find ways to get hurt on toys and other items that seem harmless.

The other day my daughter, 3, did something that I've never heard of before and honestly it freaked me out a bit. We gave up the living room long ago and it's been a toy room for as long as either kid can remember. There's nothing much left in there but a TV, couch, and lost of toys. I'm a "mean mom" and make them pick up toys on a daily basis, sometimes more than once if it's completely trashed. Hey, a 3 yr old CAN pick up her toys. Just takes them awhile.

So anyway, a few days ago my daughter is playing in the toy room and watching TV while her brother is at school. No biggie, does it every day while I work. This day though, I heard a "thud" and her start to whine. Ok, minor injury, happens all the time. I've gotten pretty use to things like this, but can usually judge the injury by the size of the thud. This one I didn't think was that major, and neither did she. Of course she came running to me like all kids do, and said she bit her tounge. Again no biggie, asked her to let me see. (Why that is a natural instinct I'll never know). I expect to see blood, but it wasn't on her tounge and there were no cuts there. The blood, on the other hand, was coming from around her gums. Actually, in the inside of her mouth below her lip. Just as I go to pull back her lip to see, I notice a semi-deep cut on the front of her chin as well. Come to find out it's on the inside too.

A closer inspecition shows this kid had cut her lip with her tooth, but not just a little.....it was cut all the way through. I didn't freak out (although I was thinking "HOLY CRAP! OMG! Should I take her to get stitches??" the whole time), I said "alright let's just go get a rag". By this time she wasn't even crying and just followed me from room to room while I got her cleaned up. Really there was little blood, and she didn't think it was a major deal at all.

It really doesn't look bad, just like a scratch on her chin. You'd never know it's cut inside as well, and she sure didn't let on like it was anything major. Talk about indistructable. This was her first major injury, and she still has a lot of catching up to do to match her older 5yr old brother. I'm just still in shock over the whole thing. Wow.


  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Absorb Creative said…

    That gave me the shivers just reading it! Had a similar experience with my 1 1/2 DD cutting a tooth through her gums before it was ready to come out (she had fallen off our bed onto the blanket chest). It was tramatizing to both me and her big sister. But DD was non-plussed. So I guess that's what counts! :)

  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Kara said…

    Aren't they just amazing? I guess we've seen just one too many ER shows so tend to freak out over things they don't see as a big deal.


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