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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Direct Sales Helpers Expanding

I had to mention how excited I was on a public level. Anita and I have been working on some really great things to be added to Direct Sales Helpers. I can't barely keep quiet about it all, and I was the same way just before we released the Direct Sales Success Kit. Yes, what we are working on right now is THAT BIG! A few have already gotten a sneak peek, and those that have purchased the kit already are going to be the first to have a solid look at all the info befor it's officially released. Even still, I feel like I'm going to BURST!

So here's what's going on over the next few weeks:

March 16 - Direct Sales Chat at WAHM's United
We'll be hosting a topic chat related to the release of this new product, and we'll give a sneek peek of the release at the chat. The transcript will also be available.

March 21st - New Product Release
This is the day the product will be officially released and for sale. I honestly can NOT wait. It's one of those "never been done before, but really needed" items related to the direct sales industry.

All of this aside, I have to make a small mention of some other products we currently are working on. Well, WILL be working on. We haven't started just yet, but today the ball should be rolling. If you want to know the latest news, be sure to sign up to our newsletter!

I'd better stop here before I slip and give away too much information!


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