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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Not Just Announcements

Alright so I've been slacking on the blog. Nothing has been posted that wasn't an announcement for almost a month. Sorry :( If you are just now stopping by for the first time, this blog is much more than what may appear in the past few posts!

Now for my excuses for not posting. I've been lazy...erm, busy. Yes, busy. No really! I have been. I wanted so badly to jump back into affiliate marketing that I started a new website. Stupid, stupid me. Something I REALLY had zero time for. Yet I did it anyway. Luckily I only spent maybe a week or so on it befor I stopped myself and said "what the HECK are you DOING?". I realized this site wasn't something my heart was fully into, so have decided to move some pages that I've already done over to my other site - Idea Queen. After all, I wanted some focus on that site as it was.

So after realizing that Idea Queen needed attention more than a new website, I made myself a plan. I'm actually pretty excited about it, and can't wait to get it all set up. There will be whole new section, plus some newsletters. That's on today's to-do list, but unfortunately I have places to be in about 2 hours. Let's see how much I can accomplish before it's time to go!

In addition to working on Idea Queen, we've also got some major things rolling at Direct Sales Helpers. Lots of new products to release and in the works as I speak. It's really moving along and I'm getting excited. That list has grown so much in the last year, I'm still in complete awe. What I love the most about it though is the awesome feedback we get. I really do love to hear "Great tips!" and "Wow, another awesome newsletter! Keep it up!". It's nice to know how much of a difference we are making!

That's about it for now. I have to get to work on all those changes on Idea Queen, and plus have a product review to write still!


  • At 7:29 PM, Blogger Belle said…

    Hi there! I think I'm on your mailing list for I got a newsletter and thought I'd visit your blog. I really like your Idea Queen site and I know what you mean about starting a new website..lol..

  • At 8:17 AM, Blogger Kara said…

    Thanks for your comments! I hope to be adding some things monthly to the site soon. :)


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