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Friday, June 02, 2006

Weekend Craftshow

Summer is officially here, and let the craft shows begin! This weekend we're headed to an event called South Skunk River Festival, which will be in a small town near by. Two very full days we'll be set up and selling candles. It's an outdoor event, so my fingers are crossed that it doesn't rain.

I made sure we had plenty of vanilla candles in stock, since it's our best seller. It sells so well I even made a separate site for nothing but Vanilla Candles. Because of the way candles tend to sell by scent preferences, I may just decide to set my table up differently than I usually do. Normally I group types of candles together by container, but this time I think I'll group them by scent just to see how it goes. Possibly keep a similar layout, but change it slightly.

While I've never been to this particular event, I did talk to someone last night that has been there. He said they always do have a pretty good turn out, so I'm really looking forward to this event!

Wish us luck!


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