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Monday, May 22, 2006

MommysHelperOnline.com Makeover

Have you ever heard the saying ... the cobbler's children have no shoes? That's how I often feel with my businesses, websites etc. I spend so much time focusing on helping others that my websites often get put on the back burner and end up suffering in the end.

So, between knowing this already, Kara's encouragement and the help of Cricket's SEO Class, I've decided it's time for a full-site makeover for MommysHelperOnline.com. I already have the content, and already have a decent amount of traffic. Why not optimize it to it's fullest?

What I've done so far is picked some of my most visited sections to start with. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I should have started there or not. Should I have started with the less visited pages first? That's a question that only time will tell.

Okay, now to catch you up a bit as to what I've done so far...

I started with my Internet Marketing Articles page. When I started with this page I had literally over 43 articles listed there with nothing more than links to each article. What can I say but "what a waste". 43 articles on the subject of Internet Marketing. That is quite a large spectrum to cover in one section. So, I took that section and broke it down into 5 smaller categories.

Increasing Online Traffic
Email Marketing
Offline Advertising
Marketing with Blogs
Marketing with Press Releases & Publicity

After I broke all those articles down to their own categories, I also changed my google ads a bit. (Tip: Don't make your google ads all "fancy". Simply keep them like all visitors would expect them to look like. Visitors are used to the blue underlined links. These are what they click on.)

I also changed each of my headings to the < h2 > header. Did you know that the seach engines don't pay any attention to any headers other than < h2 > and < h1 >?

I chose to indent each article excerpt with a < ul > code to make it easier on the eyes.

As of today, those category links above have not been changed. I'll post my progress as I optimize each of those pages.


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