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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Getting Better :)

Yup, today was definately better! Wednesday's are ezine days. Today's ezine took just a bit longer to get out than it had been. Even though we gather all the information the day before?!? Ah, but you'll have these days!

Once the ezine was out and I got a chance to browse through my email a bit from the night before it was lunch time. Oh, lunch time! One of my most favorite times of the day. Because I get to eat? Nope, because I know its nap time after that! I really do love my kids I swear! LOL!

Ah, but seriously, the reason I was so waiting for nap time today was because today we were holding our first weekly chat. Today's topic was affiliate marketing and this seems to be one of my favorite topics lately. I'm still in the learning process by all means but...I'm getting there. I think we had a really successful chat this afternoon. We had a variety of people in there. People who knew what they're doing (such as Kara, LOL), people who have just dabbled a bit, and then the complete newbies. I think some of us learned alot of new things today. Till next week...SEO!

All and all I think we managed to get a decent amount of work done today but I'm looking forward to tomorrow and diving back into the new project again!

Oh, and how could I almost forget! My message boards are back up!

Anita :)


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