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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Very interesting article

I read a very interesting article today in a publication directly releated to affiliate marketing. While this appears to have nothing to do with direct sales, it really does.

The article can be found here:

In the article it gives an example of the average website owner and an average visitor. The visitor clicks the paid link (paid by the website owner) but doesn't buy right away. Instead he waits until the next day and goes directly though the company, so the average website owner didn't get the commission for his referal.

While this example was for affiliate marketing and how we loose sales every day, it's the same with direct sales. With all the competition, it's very possible the next day your referal could buy from another rep. But a very important item is missed here - the website owner in the example above didn't get the visitor to sign up to his newsletter! This is a very good example WHY even direct sales reps NEED a website of their own. They NEED to be building a list of potential customers that will buy from them time and time again. So many times I see reps saying "paid advertising doesn't work" - well I know this is just completely not true. The problem isn't the advertising, it's the lack of follow up! If you don't have a way to catch your visitors and contact them over and over again, you are constantly waisting your advertising dollars.

Something to think about. ;)


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