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Thursday, June 09, 2005


I'm sure everyone has heard the news about Corey Rudl's death. While neither one of us knew him, nor even read any of his marketing books, the entire Internet Marketing community is shocked at his death. It's sad to see someone (anyone for that matter) die at a young age in a tragic accident.

What's more shocking is the way some in the internet community have been handling his death. We've seen several topics and comments of his death followed by plugs for their own businesses. We realise life must go on, but to use someone's death for your own gain just doesn't seem right - especially if you didn't even know him that well.

I've even seen a few wahms taking advantage of the situation, and I'm dissapointed to say the least. With so many companies targeting us because of our desire to be with our children and even telling people HOW to play on our emotions, it upsets me to see a mother using tactics like this. I've always felt the wahm community was a close one, so it's disspointing to see a wahm trying to take advantage of a situation like this. :(


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