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Thursday, June 02, 2005

WahmBands.com Official Grand Opening!

I'm so very excited to get this first announement out! Quite a few
things have happened around here in the past few days!

First of all...
We've changed our color. Due to a high number of requests we have
changed the "Official Wahm Band" to Purple. I have contacted all
that have pre-ordered and everyone is welcoming the new color. I've
even recieved some comments that they're much happier with the new

No longer need to pre-order...
You read that right! The official first shipment is in production!!
I've recieved the confirmation that I am to expect the first
shipment here around Thursday, June 16th. Please allow an
additional week for your bracelet to arrive. I will ship them out
as soon as I recieve them. You will still recieve an email
confirmation once I've shipped your band.

Affiliate Program Added...
You've asked for it and we've provided it! Now, you too can sell
the Official Wahm Bands! Affiliates will earn $.50 per bracelet
sold via their affiliate link. For more details on our affiliate
program please visit http://www.wahmbands.com/affiliates.html

Team Wahm Bands Available...
We've added the option to have your own customized Team Wahm Band!
There is a minimum order of 20. We've also discounted the price for
Team Wahm Bands that are purchased in bulk. For more details on Team
Wahm Bands please visit http://www.wahmbands.com/team.html

Promotional Idea Contest...
We're holding a Promotional Idea Contest at WahmBands.com. By
submitting your idea to use Wahm Bands for promotional purposes
you'll be entered into our contest to win a FR*EE Wahm Band! For
more details please visit http://www.wahmbands.com/promotional.html

That's about it for today. (Wasn't that enough??)

As always, feedback is deeply appreciated! If you ever have
anything to say...drop me a line at anita@mommyshelperonline.com



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