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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Will Your Business Survive Summer Break?

Summer is approaching and soon the children will be out of school. Is
your schedule ready?

Some of you may know from past years, when the kids are out for the
summer your "quiet time" during school hours is no more. Here are some
tips to keep the school age children busy while you keep up with your

1. Plan family days
Take a day each week to spend the entire day with your kids. Make it a
weekly event. Do things such as go out for ice cream, going to the zoo,
etc. Try to plan it for in the middle of the week.

2. Set aside nights and weekends
In addition to your weekly outings with the kids, make sure you set
aside your evenings and weekends to focus on them.

3. Hire Local Neighborhood Kids
Is there a responsible child in your neighborhood? Hire them to take
your children to the pool, the park, or other areas in the neighborhood.
Preteens are always looking for a way to make some extra money, or
someone to pay for their day at the pool.

4. Have crafts and movies lined up
Avoid the "I'm bored" comments by having several activities set aside
for children to do for at least 2 hours, giving you enough time to
finish a project or two.

5. Take breaks outside
Since the weather is nice, children will be begging to go out. Make
sure you take a break daily to go out for even just an hour. Remind them
when it's time to go back inside they will be able to go out again when
you are finished working.

6. Trade Babysitting
Talk to other mothers in your community and trade babysitting. Remember
the first tip? Take someone else's kids on your family day out, and ask
if they will watch your children on another day.

7. Hire Babysitters
When all else fails and you need to get major work done, send them to
daycare once a week. Don't feel guilty - it's only one day! Your kids
need a break from you too sometimes, and the chance to play with other

Good luck surviving the summer, and don't forget to enjoy it yourself!


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