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Saturday, April 15, 2006

MSN Webhosting NOT worth the hassle

A few days ago I posted about playing with the new MSN webhosting and domain service. Wow, I am SO not impressed. First off, you have nothing more than a site builder to use to build your site. Alright for beginners, but forget about adding anything like PayPal buttons or a store. Why? You can't upload your own files. You have NO choice but to use the site builder. ICK ICK ICK!

Second, after realising how crappy and limited the hosting was, I thought I'd just take the domain name and host it somewhere else. NOPE - cancel the hosting and the domain gets cancelled. GRR! Mayjor bummer because I really wanted that domain name. It was going to be my playing site as I get more into graphics and web languages (php and the like). For the first time EVER, I actually registered a .net with a REAL hosting and domain company (GoDaddy) because I wanted that domain so bad.

Lesson learned. Beta is a BAD sign, even for big companies.


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    Hey.......now only I hear about these things regarding webhosting......thanks....keep it up....


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