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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

SEO Work and My Plan

I'm still busy working on SEO updates for Idea Queen, and all is going EXTREMLY well. When I started, the 100+ pages at Idea Queen was seeing only 20 visitors on average a day. Now, the unique visitor count daily average is well over 100. Not bad, but still could be MUCH better. I'm not worried, since I'm not even half way done with updating pages.

Here's the main game plan:

- Each individual page is getting updated.
Each page will be updated using proper SEO techniques. I'm also updating content on each page, growing it to as much as 1000 words. The last few updated pages have fallen short of 1,000, but still isn't bad concidering they only had 100 - 200 words to start with!

- Each section is getting updated.
After every page in the section is done, I move on to the section page itself. I write a few articles that are targeted to that section, and do link exchanges for that main section.

- Article submission
I've got a folder FULL of articles to be sent out on a weekly basis. Actually, I send out two articles per week even if I write ten. That way a red flag won't be raised by Google questioning why there's all the sudden so many incoming links to this site. Plus releasing the articles a little bit at a time will ensure that I'll always have a steady flow of traffic instead of an increase then sharp drop.

- Start over
After each page is completely optimized and while articles are continuing to be released slowly, I'll start the process over again. I'll go through each page individually yet again to see how it's doing, and do more work if need be. I'll most likely make a list of pages that need more content, and beg for submissions on those particular pages. Shouldn't be too hard I don't think, especially if I have a list of 20 different pages. I'm sure everyone can submit at least SOMETHING from the list I'll have when done lol.

So there's my plan, and it's moving along quite well so far. Most of the reason for this is because of my handy dandy labled folders. I have two sitting on my desk right now - a purple titled "Idea Queen", and a red titled "Prairie Soy Candles". In the purple folder is a list of the pages that need optimized, pages that need added, and additional work that needs to be done on the site. No matter how little time I have on any day, I can grab the folder and pull something to be done every single day. This method has worked WONDERS so far.

If you are curious as to what's in the red folder....well, that's another blog post. ;) I promise I'll mention something about it soon. :D


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