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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Affiliate Marketing Chat

Despite the fact that I'm just a tad burned out on affiliate marketing (I don't look forward to look at much of anything except my checks lately) due to the fact I went so many month building as many pages as possible, but today's chat was really fun. I've noticed Rosalind Gardner's book, Super Affiliate Handbook has hit the WAHM world in a big way and quite a few are either currently reading it or planning to buy it soon. I do in fact own the book and think it's an EXCELLENT resource. I tend to do things a little different, so may not be using everything from the book. BUT I found it to be a wonderful step by step book for beginners, and picked up some little ideas (and merchants) that I missed before. Well worth it!

Anyway, the chat was a good one today, and I did enjoy chit chatting with everyone that was there. At one point the chat did turn to SEO as an affiliate marketing chat normally does, so we've decided to have an open discussion on SEO next week. Same day, same time, same place (Wednesday, 2pm EST, at the Online Party Room ). Hope to see an even larger turn out next week. :)

Haven't really given much thought as to what other topics we will have, although I imagin some chats on offline marketing would be great since summer officially begins in a week and a half. The offline world will most deffinately be hoping, so I belive it would be a good idea to have an open chat on some ideas.

I do hope tomorrow we will be able to work on our large business project as I'm anxious to get it done. :)



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