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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Brainstorming & Research

Ever heard of information overload??

It's Tuesday and supposed to be my 'get down and dirty working day' because Tuesday's are the day that I've arranged for childcare for my son. And what am I doing?? Reading! I'm constantly coming across information that I just don't have the time to really dive into and it gets sent to a special little folder in my email. I make a note or two in my notebook of ideas that might have popped into my head in the meantime so I don't forget.

Have you even gotten to the point where you have way more ideas than you do time? Thats where I'm at right now and this happens waaaay more often than not. But, I LOVE it! Have I ever mentioned exactly how much I love my work?

My biggest problem is I have to teach myself that research and reading days are just as important and productive as the days that I actually have something to 'see' as an accomplishment. I guess that is where I can become a complex person. I absolutely LOVE to read and learn more (researching) but, I'm also a 'let's get it done kind of gal'. When I have an idea I just want to do it and get it done because I get so excited of maybe the 'potential' or how it looks when it's done. BUT...always remember that it is definitely better to learn to do it the right way first than to have to come back and fix it later.

Soooo, I guess I REALLY should continue with my research today instead of chatting here....off to do more research!


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