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Monday, October 25, 2004

Working on Soy Wax Candles

I was sitting here on Friday, thinking of ways that I could increase my income. I thought of creating a new website, and wrote down some ideas for it until I realised that wouldn't be a wise move for me right at the momemnt. Why? Because I already have other websites that have a lot of potential, exspecially with it being so close to Christmas shopping season.

The website with the most potential right now, with the most work to be done is Soy Wax Candles. I have catalogs done, so the other day I set up a Catalog Request Form. I realise some do not want to shop online and like physical books to look from. So I'm offering free catalogs, and a very easy way to ask for them.

Next I set up a page for those to request information on doing an online party. I realise that online parties are popular now, and there is a whole untapped market outside of the wahm community. Most of my visitors (which the total daily visitors to this website isn't much right now, only 10 - 20) come from outside the wahm community. I've also started to get more involved in a networking community that does online parties every week like we use to do, only we got too busy to keep up with the advertising and organising. Sundays are usually family time, but I'm going to have to excuse myself at some point in the afternoon to join the parties and support those that are hosting. That's really what it's about - supporting eachother. Of course there's a great deal of networking as well, and it's about time I jumped back into that. I have been slacking a bit in that department.

Since today was Monday, I also took a few minutes and sent out a few "spam ads" to a few different groups that I belong to. I made mention in my ad about having the new catalog request form on the website. Of course this got me thinking - I need to do a press release to announce this. It's something that seriously needs to be done, and is being put on my "To Do" list for the week.

Finally while catching up on a networking group I belong to, I noticed a request for prize donations. Of course! How could I forget about prize donations as a form of promotion? I took a quick look at my budget, and decided I would make a point to donate 2 prizes this month. Actually I already have donated one prize this month, since I am participating in the WAHMs Maquerade Ball Celebration this Saturday. I donated a 10oz Jar Candle (winner's choice of scent). I hope to not only catch a few sales, but also do some networking and hopefully sign up a few to do online parties. If all I can accomplish is networking then I will be happy with that, since it's the most important part of this celebration.

I've also decided on somewhat of a goal for this website - one sale per day. Rather small, but it's a start and I think I can do it. There's just so much potential with this website, I can't just let it sit idle anymore. I won't stop working on it until I see at least one sale every single day. What about the other sites? Well, Mom's Market promotes itself, and is ALWAYS included in my signature line regardless of where I am networking at. It's my original site, so it's my baby. My new blog, Shopping for Toddlers, is tagging along behind Mom's Market in a way, because it's promoted by links from Mom's Market. There's various pages it appears on, and also it's being picked up very quickly by the search engines. I will still continue to post a new product on it daily, as well as take time every day to read blogs on BlogExplosion. As Anita mentioned we added a new feature here, and I've done the same on my other blog, so BlogExplosion will remain the main form of advertisement for the blogs right now. Blogs require a different form of marketing than websites, and honestly I think they are a little easier to promote. I could start a brand new entry all about website and blog promotion, and maybe I will another day. Right now I need to get back to working on Soy Wax Candles!


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