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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Free Traffic Invitations - Limited Amount Left

If anyone is interested in some very easy, very free website traffic, I've still got a handful of InstantBuzz invitations left.

What is InstantBuzz? I feel the need to clear this up because I've been hearing some false statements about it from non-members that didn't take the time to read what it was about and immediately judged it. InstantBuzz is NOT a traffic exchange program, and you do NOT sit "clicking for hits". It's a toolbar (that does not have spyware - where that idea came from I'll never know) that sits on your browser just as your Yahoo, Google, or MSN toolbar would. The tool bar desplays a one line ad on it, from another InstantBuzz member. As you do your normal everyday surfing, that ad changes. The more surfing you do the more credits you earn for your own ads on the toolbar(not surfing ads either - I mean just surfing like you normally do already).

So you see, there's really zero time required to use this toolbar, and it really does bring you visitors (I've been checking stats, and I'm please to see what I have seen with the little work I've put into this). If it wasn't enough to see some extra traffic, there's a great community board with some very helpful and knowledgeble people. Highly recommend checking it out!

If you would like an invitation, just email me at contact@momsmarketonline.com :)


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