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Friday, January 21, 2005

"The WAHM Project" - Week 3

As you know being a wahm can sometimes keep you distracted and it's easy to loose your motivation. As a mother, family comes first no matter what. This week has definately been one of those challenging weeks as wahms, what with doctor appointments, children misbehaving, and loss of motivation. Even still we are moving on. We may have lost site of what we were needing to do next, but we didn't loose sight of the finished project. We took some personal days to regroup our thoughts, and to take care of family, so that next week will be a fresh start. We also haven't lost sight of our "Think Big Challenge" over at wahm.com, and will hopefully get back on track next week as well since both our challenges tie right into this project. Anita is still writing while I'm still building our newsletter list. It's still moving slow, but IS moving and that's what counts. ;)


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