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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

"The WAHM Project" - Day 8

While Anita spent the day putting together and researching more content for our project, I spend part of the day submitting articles to a brand new list of places to submit to. Some times it gets a little tiring doing the same task over and over, but I managed to get quite a few new and old articles submitted. I also spent some time updating the biline in my articles so that the link to the ezine is now there. The purpose of building the ezine list is to have a larger audience when we are ready to release the project. Not only that but some promotional work on the ezine was well over do.

We also put together a new format for the ezine, which doesn't have too much to do with the new project, but I think made it look much better. Time will tell, we haven't heard any positive or negative feedback from it yet.

Tomorrow will be filled with more research, writing, and reading...exactly what you would expect from doing any kind of major project. :)


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