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Friday, January 14, 2005

"The WAHM Project" - Day 10

Well this has been an interesting day. While it seems we've sorta "goofed off" most the day reading and watching some interesting hot topics (see the boards at wahm.com and Anita's previous post), we did manage to get some "real" work done. Actually, I wouldn't even concider the chatting we did today goofing off, since we've been bringing up some topic to think about. I know it's always been around, but for some reason it seems to me that more products like Anita has been talking about have been popping up. It may seem like we are trying to come out with "the latest and greatest money making system" with this project we are working on, but that's not the case. We saw the need for a type of product like this - specifically for the wahm world. Plus we made up our minds early in the game that no matter how much information this package has, it's not going to have a big ticket price on it. Sure we are putting a lot of work into this and should be compensated, but we aren't doing this project to get rich.

That said, today I worked on reformatting a website of ours that we had orignally purchased for our main ezine (Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine). Instead of just our publications listed, it's now a wahm newsletter directory. All wahm newsletters will be listed (except for adult sites), and for free no less! Of course our newsletter is still on the home page, but hey we're paying for the hosting. ;) Seeing the need for wahms to submit their articles to others as well, there's also a section for wahm publications that accept articles (yes I'll personally be sending to a few places myself!). Keep in mind this is BRAND NEW, so there's still just our newsletters listed, BUT please feel free to submit your own! You can see the new site at: Mom's Ezine.

So how is that progress on the project? Well, to be honest I need places to send my articles too, specifically wahm publications. There's no website like this out there right now (that I could see), so I created it. I figured, sure I'll benefit a lot from these resources, but I won't keep it to myself - I'll share it with others for free. :) I think that's what truely separates all of us WAHMs from the rest of the gurus - we don't just take from the community, we give back too! *grin*


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