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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Reaching Potential Recruits & Customers?

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The best way to reach potential recruits and customers?

Submitted by: Beverly Schweigert
Good Books & Company

Our Answers:
Kara's Answer:
Networking has got to be the best in my book. Not only do you get to know people that could be potential recruits and customers, you are also meeting others that could help you advance in your business. Sometimes while networking you'll be invited to certain events, see opportunities for free advertising, be refered by others who have seen you in certain communities, and so on. While networking you also gain newsletter subscribers, visitors to your website, and get ideas for more ways to promote. Really it's all about getting your name out there and being active with certain groups. Don't forget to help others! That's what a community and networking is all about - helping eachother. Also the networking doesn't stop at message boards and communities, get involved in events as well.

Anita's Answer:
When I think of the best way to reach potential recruits and customers I think about benefits. Focusing on the benefits is very important because everyone is in the WIIFM (whats in it for me) mindset. For example: To focus on the benefits to potential recruits you need to let them know why they need/want to own their own business. Great Commissions, work for yourself ect. To focus on the benefits to potential customers you need to let them know why they want/need your products. Don't focus on the features...focus on the benefits.

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