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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Change of Plans

Don't worry! Nothing is changing about our big project. No no, that's still moving along quite well and we are crossing our fingers for a release date in February.

What HAS changed is my personal candle business. Some of you may have known that I buy wholesale from another wahm, and have my own website. Well, starting this month my wholeseller has changed her plans and now only selling to a direct sales program. At first I was in a panic. What would I do with my mailing list? What would happen to my site that I've built? Well all those fears were taken care of when I started looking at the direct sales program that was now being offered. Also run by wahms, this program may actually work better. I can still keep my site, and run things similar to what I had been. Actually it might be LESS work that what I had originally been doing. Plus the pay is just about the same, so this makes me very happy.

Nothing is official just yet, but getting there. In the next week or so you will see my candle site undergoing a big change to reflect the new program. In addition to almost the same products, there will now be consultant information. This was lacking on the site before, so the change is actually a positive one since I've had others contact me in the past asking if there was one.

So yes this is actually a move in a good direction. Funny how things work out for the best isn't it? :)


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