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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Recruiting with FAQ – Part One

As most of us know recruiting in direct sales plays a very large role.
Don’t make them search or ask for the information they want … hand it
to them on a silver platter.

The first thing I do is make FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and
answers easily attainable. By doing this you’re killing three birds with
one stone.

First of all your potential recruit may be “shy” and not want to ask
certain questions for the fear of being a “pain” or they may think their
questions are “dumb”. (My answer to this is that the only “dumb
questions” are the ones that go un-answered because they were never asked.)

Another “bird killed” is … Doing this saves you time. How many times
have you been asked the same questions, over and over again? Starting
to feel like a broken record? Start a list of these questions and
answer each one.

Lastly and probably the most important reason for this is I don’t know
about you but, I’d certainly rather someone know exactly what they’re
getting into before they join. Just because your business is perfect
for you doesn’t necessarily mean it is perfect for everyone. Everyone
has their own reasons for joining or not joining and they vary from
person to person. I don’t want to spend my time training/supporting someone
in a business that’s really not for them. Doing this is just a waist
of yours and their precious time. I want to make sure each recruit
knows exactly what they’re getting into BEFORE they sign on the dotted

What do you do with your FAQ?

1. If you own and update your own website, place your FAQ’s right on
your website. Place it right on the same page as the description of your
business opportunity or put it on its own page linked from your
business opportunity page. A small example of this can be viewed at

2.Place a “request more info” link on your site for potential recruits
to email you for more information. Place your FAQ’s in a word document
and email those to potential recruits as an attachment.

3. You can take it one step further if you’d like to add a personal
touch and the added bonus of a visual aid. Purchase folders from places
such as OfficeMax.com. I use Esselte Double Pocket Leatherine
Portfolios. These have a special spot for your business card, look very nice
and are fairly inexpensive. (25 pack for $12.99) When a potential
recruit asks for more information simply print out your FAQ’s and mail them

You can view an example of what I do at

Knowing what the potential recruit needs/wants to know is half the
battle. Next week we’ll discuss what recruits are asking and a few things
they shouldn’t have to ask for.


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