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Friday, July 22, 2005

Interested in teaming up w/ Cartoon Network?

I'm so happy to be able to share this opportunity (which is free by the way ) with my "cirlcle of friends". I joined last week and was asked to share with my friends to see if anyone else would be interested. I figure the email they sent me pretty much sums it up so I'll just copy and paste it here:

I'm coming to you as a fellow mom and peer. It's not often that we have the opportunity to work on a project that we embrace both professionally as well as personally. In fact, it's a pleasant bonus when it happens! Hence the reason for my email to you.

I'm working with Cartoon Network on the launch of a new program block for mothers and their preschool children ages 3-6 years old. It will be unlike anything currently on television. I personally think it will be revolutionary in engaging mothers and children. The basis of programming they are calling Tickle U is centered on the importance of humor in the lives of our families. Einstein didn't use flashcards and research shows that laughter, a sense of humor and fun are all important to the development of our child. It's time to giggle, share a joke or solve a funny riddle together. These are all skills that will help our children manage stress, feel confident in a room of strangers and open doors for them as teenagers and later adults. Tickle U will engage moms and their preschoolers in these important activities together.

The reason for this email is to ask your help. We'd like to begin to spread the word about the importance of humor among moms and we know you talk to many each day. We're looking for partners who believe in the power of humor and will help us spread the word.

Because of you circle of influence and commitment to sharing ideas with moms, we've identified you as a potential partner.

Cartoon Network is looking for a group of influential mothers to serve as an Advisory Team. We would like to invite you to become a founding member. As a member of Tickle U's Mom Advisory Team, you'll receive a special Humor Kit. It's an exclusively designed Kenneth Cole bag filled with a special gift for your child, stickers to share with friends, a special program DVD, stickers and other premiums to share with friends, moms groups and preschool moms in your area. You can use them for giveaways on your site or simply share them with other moms. You'll also have the opportunity for exposure for you and your Websites and/or publications. Every Advisory Team member will be recognized on TickleU.com.

So what help do we need in return? We want you to spread the word...talk about humor...tell moms about Tickle U and here's the fun part, give share with us your stories, thoughts and ideas. One of our immediate needs is to build content on Tickle U.com without filling it with pages and pages of articles. It's about FUN! We are looking for personal ante dotes about things that make your children laugh, jokes you tell with your kids or funny games you play together. Best of all for you and your professional goals, we want to attribute them to you. This means exposure on a Website that will soon have thousands of mothers visiting daily.

Please consider becoming a founding member of the Tickle U Advisory Team with me. I believe it will be a rewarding experience from a professional as well as personal basis. It's not too often that a mom has the chance to work along side of a nationally known brand like Cartoon Network as a mother and a businesswoman and have a lot of fun along the way.

If you would like to participate as a member of the Tickle U Advisory Team, please click on the link below to register. https://momselect.com/CNRegistration.html and submit your funny stories, jokes and articles. Thank you.

Maria Bailey
CEO, BSM Media
Specializing in connecting companies with Moms
"We Wrote the Book on Marketing to Moms"
954.943.2322 ext. 2

Founder, www.BlueSuitMom.com
Host, Mom Talk Radio, www.momtalkradio.com


I think this is gonna be fun and hopefully will gain a little extra promotion

Take care,


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