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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Taking Time for Housework

Since I have a strick "no work" rule on the weekends, I figured what better time to start a new routine on Saturday.

I'll admit, I'm a TERRIBLE housekeeper. In fact, I'm so very lucky to have found Mr. Right that actually like to clean and take care of the normal daily stuff. I cook, he does laundry, dishes, etc. I love it. Sure I do my part, but since he doesn't work, he cleans while I work online.

Even still there are those "one of these days" jobs like cleaning off a shelf, cleaning out the garage, and so on. You know those jobs - the ones you really don't want to do and really aren't a priority, but need to be done "eventually". That's where my new Saturday routine comes in.

I sat here playing with BlogExplosion for awhile, trying to decide what area of the house I was going to tackle. The laundry room has become a dumping ground for stuff that should probably be thrown away or put in the garage, and the back door is blocked because of it. (It started with a giant box - one of those types of boxes you know would be useful for something and you don't want to throw away, but since it would be destroyed in the garage and we have no basement or attic that's where it landed). So that was an option, since I would like to be able to use the back door before we strip the deck and re-stain it.

Our storage room/office (which forget using it as an office, I tried that and it seemed more like a prison than somewhere I'd like to work. Put me out in the open please where I can see what's going on in the house!), is completely packed with keepsakes and stuff we really don't need but again don't want to throw it away. It was once the kid's play room where all there toys where, but I made the mistake of putting other things in there as well - like boxes with peanuts. So the room is trashed and has been blocked off by another non-useful item - the hope chest. I think I had planned on putting that upstairs but *ehm* my bedroom is also packed with junk.

While either one of these rooms would have been good choices, I actually had to go with the bathroom. Why? Well come to find out we have no hot water today. You have to love things like this, really. When the rest of the house is working fine (which we've had problems in the past with the central air, and no problems this year), something else breaks. The water heater is in the bathroom, hidden behind what I can only describe as a "box". It just slides right out so you can gain easy access to the water heater. (And if you haven't guessed by now, yes we have a huge bathroom)

Because of the size of this "box", it's become a hot spot for placing items ment to be out of the reach of the children. So as I carefully slide out the "box", of course I have to duck to avoid falling objects. Luckily it wasn't *that* bad, since we have two nice sized closets where things are stuffed on a regular basis.

So I cleaned off the "box" and did some arranging in the closets for today's "Saturday Cleaning". Erm, I didn't actually get to the closets but hey what do you except? It is the weekend after all and I did get SOMETHING done. ;)


  • At 3:06 PM, Blogger Stacie said…

    Hi Kara, great blog! I just wanted to say sorry for scooping up your botb challenge again right after we battled, I didnt realize it was you again, sorry. I didnt want you to think I was trying to pick on you. :) take care.


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