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Monday, November 07, 2005

Free Wahm Bands

Even though some nasty hackers tried to ruin my day by hacking my message boards I still won by accomplishing one of my "to dos"! Yup, that's what I said, someone hacked into my message boards, put up a new banner and sent out two emails to all my members - why? What do these people really get accomplished from this? (Besides, trying to damper my day of course!) We've temporarily rectified the problem and are working on preventing this from happening again.

So, what did I get done? On Saturday I mentioned some of my holiday promotions:

I've decided this year has been a great year for all of my online efforts and truly have all my visitors, clients, customers etc to thank for that so I thought this year I'd like to give a little something back. But, I want to give something "real". Not too give away too much until it's time but I see a lot of work at home moms wearing Wahm Bands before the end of this year ;-)

For a limited time I'm going to be giving away free Wahm Bands with each Wahm State Directory Listing purchased from www.WahmStateDirectory.com. So, not only do my advertisers get one of the best forms of advertising (at a very reasonable price if I do say myself, lol) but will also get something "real" to boot.

I'm thinking about offering free Wahm Bands with some other advertising but at least for now I have one under my belt. I'll see how this promotion goes and then take it from there.

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