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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Marketing & More

Wow have I let this blog slip! I've been so busy writing articles and working with candles I just flat out haven't paid any attention here. So what have I been doing for the last month? This is what I did:

- I added around 20 new pages (all original content) to Idea Queen.

- Message boards were added to Idea Queen so ideas from the site could be commented on and any ideas others had could be added.

- Lots of new products have been added to Prairie Soy Candles. Including teddy bear jars, colorful jars, and other items.

- What site would be complete with a FREEBIE? Yup, we've got free samples now at Prairie Soy Candles. A sample pack rather - 5 scents in tealights.

While I've been trying my hardest to add about 5 new pages to Idea Queen every week, I'm just not seeing enough income from that. So while I'll still add pages here and there, I'm not going to focus on it daily like I was before. My focus now? Candles. I'm about to go plan a hostess program, per my mother's request. Not a full fleged direct sales company, but just a hostess program where others can host parties and earn free candles. This should be fun to plan. :)


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