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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Resource for Crafters

What can I say? As someone that sells handmade items, I was impressed with this site. Low cost, unlimited listings, and high traffic - oh yeah, worth it. I poked around at other listings and noticed quite a few were selling items because it actually shows the number of items sold by each crafter. This to me is valuable, but I did want to note one small thing. There is an option to have them host your store, so those with higher numbers of items sold have their items all listed with this site. Even still, those numbers aren't bad at all. Since there is a direct link to your website, I have to wonder how many have sold items directly out of their stores.

It's $6/month and I've put some of my items up to test it out. I'll be listing at least one item per day for the next 2 weeks just to see how this site measures up. I really love the fact the number of items you can list is unlimited, and it's just a monthly cost.

Name of the site is Arts eFest. Stop by and take a look at what Prairie Soy Candles has listed if you have a few minutes. *wink*


  • At 1:36 AM, Blogger penny lane said…

    I would be interested in knowing. Please let us know your findings.



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