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Monday, July 24, 2006

Easy Bake Oven

As a child, I never wanted one. I don't know why, it just never interested me. I was perfectly happy baking cookies in the real oven and melting cheese in the microwave. I know I'm probably among the minority here, as it seems those who never had one "always wanted an Easy Bake Over". Well let me tell you, I promise you that you do not want one of these.

My kids got one passed down to them from my aunt. I was puzzled at first since my cousin is only 8yrs old. Why wouldn't she want to be playing with this still? Now I see why.....

First we had to get a new light bulb for it. Thinking it took some special sort of light bulb I went on a hunt. After taking out the screws in the back to replace the light bulb, I realise it's just a regular 100 watt bulb. Ok, so at least this part isn't costly.

Second, we made sugar cookies from a mix. If you've never seen an easy bake oven before, the "oven" part is big enough for about one cookie. I don't know of too many kids that will wait 5-10mins for each cookie. I know mine had a hell of a time and immediately wanted more.

Alright so maybe it's not the best for cookies. Today after much begging, we made something "real" - mini pizzas. One major thing I should have paid attention to, was the "oven" part is only tall enough for the pans. Had I realized that, there wouldn't be melted cheese inside of the oven right now. I can see that's going to be fun to clean up, since it will require the removal of more screws. Also, the kids had to wait 20mins each for the little things to be finished. I understand it's a light bulb and doesn't cook all that fast, but I know my kids had a hard time waiting to eat.

I may be complaining a little too much here. Or maybe I'm missing the point of the Easy Bake Oven. Anyone care to explain? I'm lost.


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