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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Remember Now!

As I sit here completely alone, with my Sarah McLachlan CD as the only noise, I remembered something. THIS is what it's like to have no kids! I had completely forgotten how quite it can be, and how much you can actually get done when noone is is fighting, yelling, crying, demanding, or whatever other distraction. I'm half way done with today's work, and it's not even 10am yet. Wow.

I guess it was the CD that triggered my memory, since some of these songs I would sit and listen to while actually playing around on the computer. Yes there was a time when the computer was used for playing, and not for work. Amazing.

After dropping BOTH kids off at school today, while pulling away I didn't know if I wanted to jump for joy or break down in tears. Both my babies in school....when did this happen? And of course, both were not upset to be leaving their mother's side.

Chase I lost almost immediately when he spotted friend from preschool last year without so much as a good bye. Jillian couldn't wait to check out her new room (which was Chase's last year), and actually did say "BYE MOM!" as she took off to meet some new people. After Jillian was settled I went off to find Chase, so I could at least get a goodbye out of him. I got a wave. *sniff sniff* I'm glad they are both so excited and have no issues about going to school, but at the same times it kinda hurts.

I have a feeling this isn't going to get much easier as the years go on. But at least I know have the chance to remember how it's like to not have kids. At least for 3 hours twice a week. *grin*


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