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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We Missed the Blogathon? OOPS!

Last year you might remember Anita and I participated in the annual Blogathon. Turns out this year we completely missed the boat, and the date has come and gone. I could have sworn it was done in August last year, so maybe that's why we missed it. Or maybe I'm just caught up in my own little world and haven't paid attention to the news around the net.

I suppose it's probably for the best either way you look at it, since I was sick for about 2 weeks. Just so happens I was still sick the day of the Blogathon as well. Total bummer....I'm finally feeling better and it's over. :(

Hopefully next year we'll be on track and will be able to participate again. I really did have a great time last year staying up all night to blog, and was looking forward to doing it again. Please someone give me a big kick in the rear when it's Blogathon time again next year!


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