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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Taking a Vacation


What in the world could I be doing here on a Sunday night? I take weekends off, right?

CORRECT! Although as the title suggests, I'm doing a few things I won't be able to do next week because I'm going on vacation. Well, kinda....

This is the last week of summer for us. School starts next Tuesday, on August 22nd. Honestly I just can't wait. I'm excited not because I'll actually get some quiet time to work every day, but I'm excited for the kids as well. Chase will be starting Kindergarden this year and Jillian her first year of preschool. I'm sad yes, but these are two totally new experiences for them both. Chase will get to experience a full day of school including lunch and recess, while Jillian will be getting together twice a week with other kids to actually do fun things.

Since this is the last week of summer, we've got to pack in the rest of our summer plans. Being sick for nearly 3 weeks put us behind on family things. So this week we'll be doing the following:

Monday - My birthday, and I guess we have nothing real special planned. You might actually catch me online for half the day. I'm on a roll and don't really want to stop now.

Tuesday - Nothing too special planned this day, although I might be sneaking outside if it's a nice enough day. Possibly just spend the day with the family. That evening I'll have to go to a meeting at school.

Wednesday - School supply shopping! Oh joy. No, I haven't done that yet. Please do cut me slack, I just got Chase's list lsat week and Jillian's I won't have until Tuesday.

Thursday - Family day at a local amusement park. Should be a fun day, although I'm crossing my fingers it doesn't rain. Even if it does, oh well. Half of the fun here is the water rides, so I think we'll already be wet. *GRIN* I don't care for the roller coasters, so most of the time you'll see me and the kids on the water rides!

Friday - Family day at the state fair. The IOWA State Fair. Oh yes, this is a huge deal...I guess lol. Most everyone in Iowa goes crazy for the fair, and it's been reported our state fair is the largest in the world. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but we're going anyway. I haven't been to the fair JUST for the fair since before Jillian was born, and even then I got talked into going with a friend just so she could do something specific. The last two years I went just to go to concerts (Nickleback one year, Switchfoot last year) without kids. This should be interested to say the least.

Satruday - DAY OFF! After two days running around in public places with the kids I will be EXHASTED. I plan to SLEEP this day.

Sunday - Friend's daughter's birthday party. A very good friend of mine whom I've know since I was about 6 years old is throwing a party for her soon to be 3 yr old daughter. Luckily it will be at her house, so nothing too terribly fancy. The kids will go swimming, and we probably will too. Works for me!

So that's the rest of our summer! Next Monday will be an evening of meetings for both kids, and the next day is the first day of school for BOTH. I'm excited, I really am! The schedules will take some getting use to, but we'll manage. It won't be much different from last year - just one extra pick up two days a week. Both will go to school at the same time, but Jillian will only be going half days.

I'm sure you'll see me here and there this week, and newsletters will go out as usual (one the many perks of having a wonderful partner!), but for the most part, I'm on vacation!

Have a great week!


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