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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Christmas Promotion and Crafts

In this week's issue of Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine:

~ Notes from Anita and Kara

~ Featured Mom of the Week
Fern Bourrie

~ Business Article - "Eight Simple Ways To Use Promotional Products Online"
With the increase competition on the Internet, it can be hard to find ways to make your company seem different from everyone else. One thing I believe Internet marketers are failing to utilize correctly is promotional products.

~ Latest Message Board Topics

~ Childcare Article - "Making Christmas Ornaments"

As the holidays approach, what better way to spend time with your children than to make Chrismtas ornaments? It can be a simple and fun activity to get you both in the Christmas spirit.

~ Humor Article - "Cleanliness is Next to Impossible"
Fact: You cannot simultaneously keep a clean house and be an attentive parent. Housekeeping while on baby duty is limited to things you can do with one hand while balancing a squirming 25 pounds with the other. You can't do the really tough cleaning jobs while caring for a baby since these jobs require you to be on your hands and knees in restricted spaces for extended periods of time. Any infant in his right mind will protest, and any parent who hates to scrub toilets and showers will heed.

~ Recipe - Chocolate Mint Coffee

Read this week's issue at: http://www.momsezine.com/issue-56.html


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