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Monday, November 15, 2004

Goals, goals, and more goals

Even though it's a week late, I finally hit my goal of 200 subscribers for my candle mailing list. I'm hoping with the work I've done with that mailing list I'll see at least 300 if not more by the end of the month. The possiblities of this has me very excited, and curious as to what else I can accomplish in such a short period of time.

That's where my next goal comes in. I realised that the daily sale goal was a little odd, and sales aren't going to be good in December since all orders have to be several weeks before Christmas. So I've set a goal for the rest of this month to earn (meaning profit) $200 with the candle business alone. To be able to hit that goal, I'm going to have to see 100 sales in the next 15 days. 100 sales, 15 days. Lucky for me I've already got much of this set up to run with. Online parties scheduled, an online mailing list, flyers going out today to my offline mailing list....I've accomplished quite a bit in the past few weeks. However, I know that what I've got started isn't enough to make that many sales in such a short time period, so I've got to work hard at the parties I have scheduled to set up more parties and make the sales I need. I've done the math, and I'll have to have 7 sales a day to even come close to this goal - 10 would be even better! It may mean working some weekends, and that's alright. The only reason I say it's fine is because it's so close to Christmas and I plan on taking my annual week's vacation to regroup and work on my next idea.

Aside from working hard at these parties, I also have to work hard at the promotion. It might require a little extra advertising than I normally do. I'm starting to notice how saturated the online party market is getting, so I really am trying my best to reach outside the wahm world. I would have to say I've done a good job so far, since my mailing list is made up completely of non-wahms. Just "candle lovers" that love to play games and win prizes - I'm thinking this will be a very responsive group, at least for the attending the parties.

Also in the back of my head is ideas for what I'll be doing next once the deadline is here for the Christmas orders. I realise that sales are going to slow down a LOT, so I do need to get another project rolling to fill up the gaps. I'm thinking about doing some work on another website of mine that's been sitting for over a year and needs some serious attention. For that website, it might be best to use mostly Google Ads as a source of income, but I'm not sure. We will see once I get working on it. I also have another website which has a growing email list that I haven't touched in months that could also pick up some last minute Christmas sales without much work. I might work on that until it gets just too late to do anything Christmas related. Either way I know I can stay busy!


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