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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is your business ready for Christmas?

In this week's issue of Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine:
(Can be read at: http://www.momsmarketonline.com/issue-54.html)

~ Notes from Anita and Kara

~ Featured Mom of the Week
Sonya Herford

~ Business Article - "How to Nurture Your Home Business During the Holiday Season"
Every business owner needs a holiday plan in placed by the end of October/beginning of November to position the business for holiday sales. Here are suggestions for getting your business ready.

~ Latest Message Board Topics

~ Childcare Article - "Family Meetings 101"
Family meetings provide opportunities for feelings to be aired and validated. They also allow younger children to feel they are an important part of the decision-making process when it comes to family vacations and other major and minor family functions.

~ Humor Article - "Night Moves"
As interesting as these things may be, I think we have spent far too much time contemplating occurrences that obviously took place long ago and/or out of our sight. What I would like is for someone, scientist or psychic, doctor or detective, shrink or shaman to figure out and explain to me the phenomenon of what happens in my bed when one of my children has had a bad dream.

~ Recipe - Gourmet Shrimp and Pasta

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