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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Marketing Tips & Homemade Crafts

In this week's issue of Mommy's Helper - Mom's Market Ezine:
(Can be read at: http://www.momsezine.com/issue-55.html)

~ Notes from Anita and Kara

~ Featured Mom of the Week
Kathleen Rolloff

~ Business Article - "The Power of Viral Marketing"
Viral marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing on the Internet. Viral Marketing is giving something away for free and allowing people to pass it on to others. The concept of free has fueled the imagination and the success of the Internet itself. And, although the free business model has been greatly scaled back in the post-bust Internet days, it is difficult to argue with the viral marketing success achieved by the early pioneers of free email, free web sites, free autoresponders, etc.

~ Latest Message Board Topics

~ Childcare Article - "Homemade Bath Time Soap Crayons For The Kiddies!"
Inexpensive fun craft. Make a bunch for an inexpensive gift!

~ Humor Article - "Thankful for Thanksgiving Leftovers"
Let's face it. The most distinguishable trait about Thanksgiving isn't the football game, the parade, or the quality time you get to spend with your relatives. It's the leftovers.

~ Recipe - Banana-nut bread

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