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Friday, November 05, 2004

Contests and Lists

I decided to make a new goal. Well, not a new goal really just an additional goal. A mini-goal of sorts. My main goal for Soy Wax Candles is to see at least one sale a day. To hit this goal I've realised there's certain things I need before I can reach it. Last week I worked on building up an offline mailing list, which has continued to grow all this week (up to over 60, which I think is extremely good for being this new!). I've also realised I need to build up an online mailing list as well, and also have some parties and catalog shows (which I posted about earlier).

The online party and catalog show idea would be much easier to work on if I had my list first, correct? Ok, so yesterday I set a mini goal - 200 subscribers on a new mailing list by Monday (November 8th). One way to build a mailing list fast is to hold a contest, which I've had success with that idea before. So I set up a contest - all new subscribers this month get entered in a drawing for a free candle. Most likely I will do this same idea next month, but also give current subscribers a separate drawing or contest. Using a list started quite awhile ago at Internet Based Moms, I sent my contest details out to various contest sites. I started yesterday with 4 large sites, then continued today with another 12 today. I've still got a few left on my list and will probably hit some spam groups on Monday. So far I've gotten almost 50 subscribers. I was hoping for more after a full day, but I suppose it's not a too bad of a start. I'm hoping to hit my goal of 200 by Monday and I won't rest until I do!

As for the list, please feel free to copy the sites I've submitted to for your own contests:


That should keep you busy at least for a day or two. ;)


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