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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Wahm Meetup

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with 2 other work at home moms in my local area for our first wahm meetup. We had a great time and have made plans for future meetups and ideas on how to hopefully get a few others involved too.

For our first meeting and knowing that there was only going to be a few of us we gathered at a local pizza restaurant. It was really nice meeting other in person who deal with the same things I do from day to day.

For our next meeting we're planning on sending out a Press Release to local newspapers to hopefully gain some more interest. (Think of the promotional benefits of that!) We're also planning on meeting at one of the local libraries with a larger room for us. Yeah, we're hoping to pick up a few more members in the meantime!

If you're wanting to plan a meetup in your area there is a website set up just for this. This is where I started organizing ours. You have your own little 'section' on the website including your own message boards for your group. They send out neat little reminders and even include some promotional items for you to print out. My opinion it's a great site and has wonderful potential! You can check the site out at http://wahm.meetup.com

By the way...if you do decide to plan your own meetup...feel free to tell me about it!


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