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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Online Parties and Catalog Shows

I'm getting back into the swing of things, and finally starting to book online parties and catalog shows again. I tweeked my hostess information page, so now the benefits of hosting an online party or booking a catalog show are more appealing. I'll be pushing the point of earning free candles, because let's face it - who wouldn't want free candles? Well, I should say what candle-lover wouldn't want free candles. I thinking giving the option of either doing it online or by catalog gets away from the traditional thinking of "oh great, a home party". Maybe that's just the way I think, I don't know. I find there's less pressure at online parties even when the sales can be just as much if not more.

The benefits I've listed for booking an online party or catalog show are the following:

* 10% in free candles from the party's total orders *
(For example, if you sell $100 at your party you receive $10 in free candles)

* 15% off your order at the party *

* FREE Food & Beverage Candle if one of your guests book their own party *

I've posted a form on the page where these benefits are listed for those that wish to receive more info: http://www.soy-wax-candles.com/free-candles.html.

Now for promoting this page. To be honest, right at this very minute I'm stumped. I could do the spam ad thing, but I don't thing I would get a very good response. Reason being these are business owners I would be spamming to, and they already have their own products to sell. I do have a large list of non-business owners that I think I'll be sending a notice out to. Even still, the reponse from that list I don't think will be good enough (my current goal is to book 15 within the next 2 weeks). Then of course there is my "snail mail" mailing list, which I'll certaintly be hitting up but not for another week and a half (I'll be mailing out some Christmas promotional stuff with a note that tells when the last day to order for christmas delivery is).

I suppose I shouldn't be so quick to assume that some of the wahm spam lists wouldn't be interested. Never know I suppose, so it's worth a shot. I should also add it to my signature line to grab some interested people that way as well. I also know that once I work up a list of so many potential hostesses, I'll be able to ask them again at later dates to host parties again. It's just a matter of getting that list started and going from there. ;)

Oh and a quick update on the catalog requests - I've now gotten over 50 in just over a week. Not bad, not bad at all. :)


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