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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Invent Your Own Direct Sales Company

How cool would that be? Actually, I think it'd be pretty darn cool and I just may have the opportunity to do so. I'm really excited about this and would love some feedback for all you direct sales representatives out there.

So, first a little background. My FIL has *perfected* the most delicious tasting salad dressings you've ever had. (Okay, so maybe I'm biased BUT, as you'll see I'm not the only one who thinks this, LOL!) There's been lots and lots of people who have had this dressing and has absolutely loved and raved about it. See, they used to have their own restaraunt. (And it was very popular. It's just that they're 'getting a bit older' and it was taking such a toll on them and their lives so they had to give it up :( ) So, anyway...people have told them over and over again that they need to start bottling and selling it. They found a company that will do it for them. I'm not sure on all the details here but, I guess all they have to do is give the company the recipe and they bottle, label and ship them. They decided to look into starting a DS company and if they do follow through...they'd like me to control it.

Okay...now that you have a bit of background...Let's play a *game* Let's say you were able to create your own Direct Sales company. Keep in mind you'd be selling Salad Dressings. What would you like to see in a DS company? Think about those things you wish your DS company offered but don't. AND also I'd love to hear the things you *hate* too.

I think this is gonna be a fun project. I've seen too many DS reps (and have been one myself) that I've always said...If I had my own DS company it'd be the best around because I know how to treat the reps. Well, I guess I'm talking about those few companies that have 'certain rules' that I just don't think is very fair to the reps. Anyway...I could start a whole new post on that thought, LOL!

But, I'm thinking we could actually set up for home parties. (Hmmm...salad making parties??) He already has a few salad dressings and I'm sure he's gonna make more too. Plus he's already thinking of making the dressings he already has lower cal, less carbs and all that stuff. Okay...I'm rambling. Would LOVE to hear your ideas/thoughts!


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