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Monday, January 10, 2005

"The WAHM Project" - Day 6th

The start of a new week.......I love it. Mondays as a WAHM are great, because there's always that feeling of having a fresh start. However, being a wahm has it challenges as well.

Today didn't feel much like Monday because I didn't feel like I accomplished anything on the project. My partner has taken a "wahm mom day" (meaning her duties as mom have come before business which is COMPLETELY understandable and just part of being a wahm), and so have I somewhat. With another winter storm approaching us, I had to do some errands of my own before being stuck in the house for another few days.

So, even though this was one of those days where we were both just in and out taking care of more important things (family ALWAYS comes before business!), we still snuck in here and there to work on the big project. When I came to work I found a few emails in my inboxs from Anita which tells me she was sneaking in here and there over the weekend. While I wasn't running errands I read some more of the ezine "handbook" that I purchased on Friday. While I didn't have time to put any of it to use, I did manage to jot down some notes that I'll start applying tomorrow. I haven't even gotten to the resource section of this "handbook", but I'm very excited to get there. Decided I needed my ducks in a row before I could start the promotion side of the ezine, which means some reformating and ad writing.

It's almost certain I'll be stuck inside for the next few days, so the project should move forward by leaps and bounds this week. :)


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