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Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today might be one of those days where it's hard to focus on anything else because you may be thinking of tonight's plans. Or you might be one of those that could really care less what today is. Either is fine with me, and feel free to throw your schedule out for just one day. Hey if we don't have to work on other holidays then this one should be no different right?

I actually CAN'T do that today, because we are a tad behind on the big project. We were hoping to release it tomorrow but we aren't even finished with the content let alone the formatting and website building. :/ Most impotantly I need to work so I have something to talk about on the blog other than "we're still working on it" haha. I suppose I could ramble on about specials or parties that have to do with my Soy Wax Candles website, but well I should save that for the advertising groups. (Oh ok just one - there's a second chance drawing for some candles and other prizes up right now, just go here).

Keeping with the holiday spirit, I decided to start some converstation over at a work at home mom community. Title of the topic is .... What does Valentine's Day mean to you? Might get some interesting responses. ;)


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