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Monday, February 21, 2005

Someone is Pretending to be ME!

Thanks to having Google Alerts I was able to find someone who apparently is pretending to be me! This post is to make as many people aware of the situation as possible. If you have been contacted or contacted this person yourself please email me at anita@mommyshelperonline.com

Here is the post that I came across http://www.ozemedia.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl?read=26503 (The first post you see is my response)

I'm not completely sure what the benefit to this other poster is. This person is obviously sending visitors to my website but offering a bogus email address. I do not and have never had a Gmail account from Google. So, no this isn't just someone who happens to have the same name as me ... this person is saying they are the owner of MommysHelperOnline.com!

I have emailed the administrator of this particular board and Kara has graciously emailed on of the moderators. I noticed when I made my response to the post that the IP addresses are tracked. I'll also be contacting google about the bogus email address. My plan is to completely and totally expose this person. This is illegal and I won't stop until this person is stopped.

If anyone has any information on this person please email me THE REAL ANITA DEFRANK at anita@mommyshelperonline.com


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