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Friday, April 29, 2005

Avoid Losing Sales This Summer

It's a fact. Summer is a slow time for online sales, so the only thing to do is go where your traffic is - offline!

Offline events can be a very profitable way to increase your sales, but only if done correctly. While many think all they have to do is "show up" to an event, which is true to a point, there is actually a little more involved. The hard part of marketing has been done for you and there will be people at the event, but you still need to set up your table correctly and follow certain steps to make the most of the event you are attending.

We have taken the guess work out of making your event a success and have put together a package for you that has all the tips and forms you need to get ready for the offline events in your area. Learn how to increase your sales from events and stay organized too!

The Offline Event Kit includes:

- Introduction and Tips
- How to Find Events
- Event Check List
- How to set up a drawing box
- 20 Drawing Slips
- 6 Additional forms to use before and after your event

All the information is organized and mailed directly to your door in a labled pocket folder. In addition to your kit, you will receive a link to download additional copies of all 7 forms.

For more details, visit:


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